A best aspect regarding yoga is that it is simple on the body. Anybody, of any fitness level, age or health condition can do it. Indeed those with past injuries or physical afflictions can do yoga. You can begin gradually performing a portion of the less demanding positions and afterward work your route up to the more difficult stances. For the individuals who are extremely fit, some yoga offers a significantly more serious workout, so there is unquestionably something for everybody.

What types of yoga are there?

In opposition to prevalent thinking yoga is not basically one situated of postures. There is significantly more to it than that and a wide mixture of distinctive yoga styles that you can look over, in spite of the fact that in the West, the practice is normally referred to as yoga, as Western teachers typically combine a couple of the systems and make their one of a kind styles of yoga to suit their objectives.

Generally, there are 8 separate types of yoga that are practiced as far and wide as possible.

1. Hatha

2. Raja

3. Karma

4. Bhakti

5. Jnana

6. Kundalini

7. Hot

8. Yin

Types of Yoga