One of the benefits of yoga is obvious – improved flexibility. But that isn’t the only benefits yoga has to offer. Increased muscle strength, less joint and back pain and stronger bones are other benefits of yoga. Grab a mat and start reaping these benefits of yoga for yourself.


During your first few yoga sessions, you may not be able to touch your toes or stand on one foot, but give it time. Your body will become more flexible with each session and that flexibility will help prevent age-related falls and possible broken bones, keeping you mobile and independent for a longer time in your life.

Muscle Strength

Yoga builds strong muscles that keep us looking good and help to prevent age-related disorders like back pain, arthritis and falls due to muscle weakness.

Reduced Joint Pain

The slow, deliberate movements of yoga take each joint through a full range of motion. That motion squeezes out all the old nutrient-depleted fluid in the joint cartilage and allow the sponge-like cartilage to absorb fresh nutrient-rich fluid and thereby reducing joint pain.

Less Back Pain

The spongy discs between the spine’s vertebrae also need movement so they can absorb pain-reducing nutrients.

Strong Bones

Many yoga poses require the body to bear its own weight and any weight-bearing exercise increase bone strength. The benefits of strong bones is a reduced risk of developing osteoporosis and age-related hip fractures.

Benefits of Yoga