What is Yoga

Many people have a misconception of what yoga is – they view it as people who can contort their bodies in unnatural positions or as an Eastern religious practice. It’s a little of both and a whole lot of neither. Yoga is basically body poses that work to harmonize the body with the mind and breathing for a relaxing, yet strengthening, session of exercise that will improve overall physical and mental health.

Strengthening Stretches

Anyone of any age can do yoga. The series of poses stretches and strengthens every body part to help improve flexibility, reduce pain, aid in digestion and help stave off age-related illnesses. Because yoga is a non-impact workout, it’s perfect for people who suffer with various body pain or who have limited range of motion.

Your Own Pace

Yoga allows each individual to work at their own pace and perform the poses they are physically able to perform. Many yoga poses can be done from a seated position that will improve upper body strength and mobility. Increase your duration and pace as your strength increases.

Improved Breathing

People in pain tend to have shallow breathing, which keeps the body tense and intensifies the pain. Yoga teaches deep, controlled breathing techniques that brings more oxygen into the blood stream and brain, helping the body to relax and ease muscle and joint pain.